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Welcome! I’m Esther, a Health Coach & Lifestyle Strategist.

I help driven, multi-tasking women put their wellbeing at the top of their to do lists. By giving them a personalized strategy for self-care, nutrition, and mindset upgrades, they can overcome stress and burnout and discover their full potential. Why? Because powering through and ignoring the signals your body is sending you is *not* sustainable. So, consider this permission to pause, regroup, and hit the reset button.

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Private Coaching

Balanced + Well: A personalized coaching experience designed to free you from burnout, fit healthy sustainable habits into your busy life, and elevate your energy so that you can reach for those big, dreamy goals.

Events + Workshops

From corporate wellness workshops to cooking demonstrations and classes focused on specific nutrition topics. Find out about my upcoming events and how you can book me for your programming or event.

Free Resources

Grab my guides, recipe books and mini-courses to support you on your wellness journey.

Nice Things Clients Say

I am in my upper 40’s and I realized that my body isn’t responding the way it used to to food. I have arthritis issues and wanted to decrease inflammation and feel better all around. Working with Esther helped me simplify my process of meal planning and overall being more efficient with eating healthy anti-inflammatory meals. Now I feel less stress around meal planning and having healthy food and snacks to grab and go. I also feel less bloated, lost some weight and have more mind clarity. Esther is  professional, personable and tuned into nutrition and to top it off, I love her follow up notes and emails! 

Heather L.

I am feeling so much better and more in control of my life after working with Esther. I am so grateful for Esther being the light at the end of the tunnel for me when my vision was cloudy and murky.  

The world we live in can be increasingly complex and overwhelming. It’s so easy to be swept up and distracted from having the life you want and making your dreams happen. Esther can help you carve out and create that life you want and need for yourself.    

Lynda F.


Esther helped me shift from being a workaholic, to finding meaning and joy in many other important areas of my life. Life can be crazy, and we are often so cocooned in our own rut and ways and can’t break free without help! She provided gentle observations and feedback, and empowered me to tackle my goals! I feel so much more joy and balance in my life. 


Aliko B.

This has been such an amazing and positive experience for me. My mind has been a lot more clear. I’m less anxious and stressed, sleeping better.  I’m more thoughtful, mindful and understand how to utilize my energy authentically. 


Alice H. 

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